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Nighttime Inshore Slam

Big snook, Big Redfish, and good Seatrout. The Nigro family from Charlotte, had a special evening of fishing. We caught everything from Jack Crevelle to giant Snook. Their son Nicky had the hot stick that night and absolutely crushed it. He had his inshore slam done in the first two hours.

The whole family was in on the action. Mr. Nigro caught huge blackdrum and multiple Jacks.

Nicky’s brother caught his share of fish as wall.

The big Jack’s would not leave his bait alone.

The Seatrout also kept him busy.

it was a great night with a ton of fish coming over the rail.

At the bait shop the next day the pictures of their trip had already been shared.

Our best fish of the trip was Nicky’s giant snook which was 31”.

This time of year is hot! Book your trip today!

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