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  • Can you guarantee that we catch fish?
    No, we can not make that guarantee. We guarantee that we will put you in the best position and use the best techniques to catch fish. We also quarantee that we will work hard to make sure you have a great time and have numerous opportunities to be successful.
  • What should we bring on the trip?
    It is important that guests of Niteline Charters bring some essential personal items while on the trip. We like to break these down in the categories listed below. Clothing: Approptiate clothing for the trip. Weather in North Florida does change rapidly. We suggest the following: 1. Watch the weather for Palm Coast, Fl. 2. Bring layers so that you can adjust to the changing conditions. 3. If you are fishing at night, a light jacket is always a good idea as it does get chilly when we are moving from one spot to another. 4. If rain is in the forcast, please bring a rain coat. No Umbrellas. Medical Necessities: Please bring medication if you will need it during the trip. We will typically be on the water from two to four hours. Also, you are welcome to let the captain know if you need assistance or if a break is necessary to facilitate any needed medical care. Your safety is our number one priority. Bug Spray: We typically will have bug spray on board, however, if you have a preferred brand of bug spray please bring that with you. Mosquitos and No-see-ums are a reality when on the water and a good Deet based bug spray works the best. Beverages: We will supply water for your consumption while on the charter. You are welcome to bring a beverage of your choice for the trip. Drinking in excess is frowned upon and the Captain reserves the right to end the trip if the safety of the passengers becomes in question.
  • What kind of boat are we fishing on?
    It depends on the trip, number of people going, and the targeted species. We frequently run the 2016 Tidewater 23 foot Adventure Series Center Console for groups of 3 or more. We will run the 16 foot Key West skiff when we are trying to get into shallow water situations or when that vessel provides a advatage over the larger boat. For tours of the canal or intercoastal we will utilize the Tidewater. If you have a preference, please let us know and we will be happy to accomodate.
  • Is the Captain a licensed Coast Guard Captain?
    Yes! Captain Kevin is a licensed and insured Inland Master Captain.
  • Do we need to bring a fishing license?
    No. The license is part of the cost of the trip and the Captain covers that expense.
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