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Docklight Fishing: Fast action for anglers of all skill levels

Hiring a fishing guide is sometimes an intimidating proposition. Many new anglers want to catch fish but are worried about their ability to cast, properly present baits, or be patient enough to wait for the bite.

Docklight fishing is the perfect trip for new anglers. We take the guess work out of the experience. When we pull up to a light, we know that the fish is there and we know they are feeding. Just those two items alone are half the battle of having a good fishing trip. Next is presenting the baits and getting the bite. We are using live bait and artificial lures so that we can cover all of our bases to help get the fish to eat.

During our trip, we take time at the beginning to teach you how to cast, how to present the bait, and how to fight the fish.

It is the perfect trip for new and seasonEd anglers. It is also a great trip for our younger anglers.

Some of you might be worried about the dark... Our boat is well lit when we are fishing so that we can see what we are doing and can safely move around the boat. Further, our 23’ Tidewater has high sides so that there is plenty of security when you are moving around.

The Docklight Fishing Adventure is one of my favorite trips. It is productive, visual, and clients always have fun!

Book your adventures today!

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