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November and Cooler Water Temperatures = Flounder

It may be cold outside and the water temps are dipping to 68 degrees, but it is all about that THUMP! Put your coat on and get off the couch! It is time for the FLOUNDER RUN!

Simple techniques that include a ¼ ounce jig head and a mudminnow or finger mullet dragged along the bottom will produce that THIUMP! Soft plastics and my favorite Berkley Gulp Shrimp work wonders.

Targeted Areas

Look for flounder in creek bends, inlets, the mouths of creeks, docks, and other places with structure and good current. These fish are ambush predators and will hammer baitfish or shrimp as they forced to swim past.

Flounder Bite: aka:Thump!

Flounder love to grab their baits and hold them in their mouths until they stop moving. They will then spin the bait around and swallow it head first. That means that you need to be patient with the bite. Seasoned flounder fisherman will tell you that the bite is a two step process. Once when the bait is grabbed and then when they eat the bait. If you feel the bite, softly lift the tip of your rod to feel if the fish is there, open the bail and give them some line and some time. After 30 seconds reel tight.


Use a net to land your flounder. Don't mess aroung with them at the side of the boat. They are notorious for throwing the hook.

Niteline Blog and Fishing Report

by Captain Kevin

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