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Post Cold Front Bite

You have some days on the water that are too good to be true. The Nancy family, from Pittsburgh, got to experience one of those nights. 13 Redfish, 6 Seatrout, and 5 Snook. the Redfish ranged from 24” to 30.5 inches. Our largest snook was 24” and all of our trout were keeper size.

This family was outstanding conservationists, they harvested two Redfish and one sea-trout. which was enough to feed their family. Both boys on the trip completed their inshore slams and their dad compiled his when we fished together the next afternoon. We were all beyond thrilled.

As a Captain, you have good days on the water and great days on the water. This day was a great day! I watched young men form a love for fishing that will last a lifetime and a family that will have a shared memory that will be talked about for a very long time.

It just does not get much better.

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